The Office of the Academic Registrar is the official source for all the students’ records. It is headed by the registrar, who works closely with the Heads of Departments (HoDs) to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness are realized in admission procedures. The office is responsible for the oversight of all registration and enrollment services provided to SIST students. Some of the functions performed by the office include the following:

SIST range of courses, besides craft, Diploma, and Higher diploma, also include CBET artisan courses targeting KCPE, KCSE graduates with a mean grade of D- and Jua kali apprentices aligned to the “BIG FOUR AGENDA”. Consequently, SIST has kept pace with its social-corporate responsibility by informing the citizenry of some skills that may address MANUFACTURING as one of the big four agendas. Highly sought-after courses like Plumbing, welding, and hairdressing are also offered at SIST

Mr. Franklyns Kollikho


      • advertising for academic programs

      • Preparing letters of offer for students

      • Registering fresh and continuing students

      • Facilitating participation in shows, expos,  and exhibitions

      • Maintaining student’s nominal roll

      • issuing students identification cards

      • preparing cohorts for various classes

      • writing recommendation letters to students as required

    • dealing with students’ deferment and inter-college transfers


      • Acting as an institution records bank by safely storing students’ records. In doing this, it provides an important service to students and relevant stakeholders. This underpins a student’s academic experience from application through to completion of a specific course.

      • Organizing and administering the registration of the record

    • Collecting, recording, maintaining, and reporting students’ records to the ministry of education and other relevant stakeholders.