Deputy Principal Academics

The office of the Deputy Principal, Academic Affairs is in charge of all academic programs such as timetabling, teaching, and evaluation. To assist in the actualization of the vision and mission of the Institute, the office ensures that only qualified students enroll in courses they qualify for according to the relevant requirements for admission and adherence to academic policy and ISO standard procedures. To ensure that quality and relevant education is offered to our students, the Deputy Principal Academics chairs the Academic Committee, which comprises the Registrar, the Dean of Students, all Heads of academic departments, and the Coordinator of the town campus.

As you join us, be agents of change and make products that not only can earn you a livelihood but can bring change in the world. Continue thinking and always aim at giving the best to humanity. Do not get so comfortable with the place or position you are in, the role, and the responsibilities that come with it. Continue making yourself better. The country needs you to assist in solving problems that bedevil Kenya such as unemployment, corruption, poverty, diseases, insecurity, etc. Please be agents of change and make our country a better place to live in. You are venturing into the world that is evolving so rapidly, with the fields of science and technology generally growing tremendously. New areas of research are emerging. The knowledge and skills acquired should make you look beyond the borders for emerging opportunities. In conclusion, I want to on your behalf thank everyone who touches your lives in many ways.

The office of the Deputy Principal Academics ensures that teaching timetables are made on time and all lessons are taught efficiently and effectively by our team of highly qualified lecturers. Students are required to attend all the lessons, and practicals and do their assessments and examinations to ensure they pass before moving to the next level or graduating.

To enhance the relationship between students, lecturers, and support staff, we have embraced an open-door policy to enable easy exchange of ideas and student guidance. Students should therefore feel free to share their views with the aim of improving academic performance because we all work as a team. Our efforts in the past have enabled progressive improvement in academic performance and we are working toward our graduates achieving more distinctions in all eleven academic departments.

To our stakeholders especially in industries, we are grateful for the industrial attachments and internships you offer our students and urge you to continue supporting us. We also call upon the community to collaborate with us through event sponsorship and to interact with us more frequently. We would also like to appreciate our sponsors and guardians, for the good work they do by offering financial support to our students in fees payment.