Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of Students is responsible for the welfare of students of the institute. Through the following programs and services, it aims to help students reach their full potential and aspirations: student orientation programs, student housing and food services, student elections, games and sports, clubs and societies, student entertainment, raising awareness of drug and substance abuse, processing student loan and bursary applications, Guidance and counseling services, Student leadership training and mentorship, Promote respect for cultural diversity.

Great institutions are built by their members and a strong institutional culture is a key to our marketability. Therefore, as key partners in this institution, I want to encourage you to selflessly nurture and protect our tradition and policies as we all strive to establish a robust institutional culture based on our core values of developing skills & competence, generating knowledge of solving community problems, collaboration & linkages, Respect, professionalism, and Team spirit.

Mr. Omar Jaafar Barasa

Student Governance

The student’s leadership is elected democratically. The elected leaders (Council) serve as a link between the college administration and the students’ body on all matters affecting them. The students’ council is headed by the president, who works with an executive (General Secretary and Finance minister)

Games and Sports

The institute has a wide range of competitive sporting activities. The role of the Dean’s office is to encourage and nurture talent through sporting activities. We are champions in a wide range of ball games. We also have standard sporting facilities.

Guiding and Counseling Services

The Guidance and counseling services are coordinated by the Dean’s office. The office of guidance and counseling gives counsel to students with social and economic problems without discrimination

Accommodation Services

We have an accommodation capacity of 600 students for Male and Female students. accommodation spaces are given on a first-come, first-served basis.

Scholarships, Bursaries, and HELB Loans

The Dean’s office is responsible for facilitating students access to funding through linkages with funding bodies, including but not limited to HELB, CDF, NGOs, etc